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Laser treatment for men

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Chicago Laser Hair Removal

bikini-laser-hair-removal.jpgObliterate the unwanted hair, End the endless Despair

Looking for an easy riddance from unwanted hair? We understand the discomfort you feel when you are not confident in your bikini. Imagine your sexy body rising from the blue sea. This is followed by those ugly shaving bumps appearing out of the blue! Looks more like a comic relief to others, but an abject embarrassment for you. It’s time to get rid of this hair, once and for all.  

Why Laser Hair Treatment?

Laser hair treatment has proven results in eradicating unwanted hair. Methods such as tweezing, plucking or wax aren’t effective (or at least for long enough) and soon you’ll observe those stubborn hair growing again, ridiculing all your efforts. Moreover, these methods are painfully difficult and require regular administration. Laser is an easy way to remove hair without any hassle.

Why Choose Us

Based in Chicago, the Advanced Laser Body Care Institute has spent several years researching and implementing methods to easy hair removal using the top-notched laser technology. Unlike other medical facilities, the institute concentrates all its efforts on one single service: laser treated hair removal. This approach has allowed us to acquire a thorough knowledge of the field. The Advanced Laser Body Care Institute takes pride in successfully treating thousands of hair removal cases that were severely frustrated by other methods such as shaving, waxing and electrolysis. The institute:

  • -Employs highly trained treatment providers who have years of experience in laser treatment
  • -Uses high quality laser equipment
  • -Invests ample time and money every year in researching new trends and methods
  • -Provides customized plans for varied skin and hair types 
  • -Displays transparent pricing as it pertains to a sequence of procedures that make up the treatment.

Hair Removal for Women

About 80% of our clients are women who are desperate to get rid of unwanted hair. The Advanced Laser Body Care Institute specializes in a number of hair treatment plans including:

  • -Bikini line hair removal
  • -Armpit hair removal
  • -Facial hair removal
  • -Eyebrow hair removal
  • -Leg hair removal

We are delighted to see the glow in their eyes when our clients look at the results. The only regret they make is if they had come to us earlier for the treatment.

Hair Removal for Men

The institute also provides a range of laser hair treatment options for men. The most popular services include:

  • -Back hair removal
  • -Chest hair removal
  • -Abs hair removal and
  • -Complete brazilian male hair removal

This is just a glimpse of the wide range of treatment plans that we offer. Indeed, we arrange for individual needs and suggest a treatment plan on a case to case basis.

Customized Solutions for Individual Needs

Our years of experience in the field have enabled us to deal with different kinds of subjects and the associated problems. We acknowledge the fact that no one treatment plan can be viable for a long time, therefore we offer customized laser treatment plans for our clients. After thorough consultation, we suggest the best treatment plan that brings prominent results to the subject; results that last really long.

Laser hair removal