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Laser Hair Removal in Aurora IL

bikini-laser-hair-removal.jpg No one likes unsightly hairs growing where they aren’t supposed to.  People have been dealing with this grooming issue since ancient times; there is even evidence of Roman and Egyptian ‘shaving kits’, used by people to trim their unwanted hair thousands of years ago.  Unsurprisingly, we have made a few advances since then in terms of technology.  No one can demonstrate how far we have come better than Advanced Laser Body Care Institute in Aurora, who takes hair removal efforts to the next level.

So why do people choose to get laser hair removal rather than just simply use chemicals or a blade to shave, as they have for hundreds of years?  There are a few reasons, but three really big ones, that make the choice pretty plain.  They are:

1. Speed – As we are all aware, hair grows back.  Sometimes it grows back entirely too quickly for our tastes!  Most men shave their beards every day, after all.  However, when you are dealing with medical hair removal performed by an experienced technician, you will find the hair grows back less and less, and eventually will stop altogether, once the follicle has been completely turned off by the laser.

2. Accuracy – Another fear people have when they consider Aurora laser hair removal is that other parts of their skin may be damaged.  Not so!  With a skilled professional assisting you throughout the laser hair removing process, you will find that they can easily target dark, thick, individual hairs, while leaving the rest of the surrounding skin completely untouched.

3. Reliability – Simply put, Aurora laser hair removal gets permanent results, quickly, at a reasonable price.  Over 90% of people who experience the treatment say they notice permanent hair loss after only a handful of treatments (3-5 sessions, on average).  This is a success rate which blows away any other hair treatment option available on the open market.  

So if you’re interested in some Aurora laser hair removal, contact us today for an expert consultation.  You will find all sorts of information about the various products and services involved, as well as about other aspects of skin care.



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